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Clash Of Clans Layout Hunted By Town Hall Level | Product Reviews Net

PGC 2014: Rovio Stars jumps on the Clash of Clans bandwagon with Plunder Pirates | Plunder Pirates news | iPhone | Pocket Gamer

Plunder Pirates We featured some Clash of Clans videos last month that showcased one of the best Town Hall level 8 defense layouts, although this is one from hundreds found in both video reviews and websites built just for users hunting the best Clash of Clans layout. You can see another defense clip below with a Town Hall level 5 Clash of Clans base layout and this has had over 130,000 views on YouTube. Weve also featured a second video with more than 210,000 views, also looking at Town Hall level 5, and this again reveals how popular these strategy videos are with players. Fulfilling the need you can see a collection of videos on this free YouTube user page with a different Clash of Clans layout for Town Hall levels 5-7, although a more complete strategy can be found on dedicated websites targeting those who play this mobile game. Clash of Clans Tools is one such website that aims to offer a quick way to find layouts for a certain level or strategy. This page has a couple of drop down menus listing each Townhall level 1 to 10, and then also giving you the option to pick a layout by type like War, Hybrid, Farming, and Trophy. The linked page will show the latest layouts uploaded, so at this time they include Town Hall level 5, 6, 7, and 9 with a range of strategies. Do you play the Clash of Clans game on Android or iOS and if so, how do you like to build?

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Clash of Clans layout hunted I chatted to some chaps from the Rovio Stars team at Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki, who pointed out a few ways that Plunder Pirates differs to Clash. For one, the game is in full 3D and you can spin the camera in 360 degrees. You can also tussle with sea monsters, and eventually (possibly in a future update) there will storms and tornadoes that will alter the dynamic of your oceanside base. But ultimately, this is the latest in a long (long) line of games that are inspired so heavily by Clash of Clans, you need a DNA test to tell them apart. Just, you know, with the enormous level of polish that Rovio is well positioned to apply. Plunder Pirates is available now in soft launch in Canada . It should be out worldwide in the summer. Rovio Stars also published Tiny Thief , Juice Cubes , and Word Monsters .

Original Article Here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPhone/Plunder+Pirates/news.asp?c=60105

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