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Gamasutra - Clash Of Clans' 5 Keys To Success

Clash of Clans layout hunted by Town Hall level | Product Reviews Net

Clash of Clans layout hunted But updates such as these can be tricky. New players can potentially become overwhelmed by hordes of content, while veteran players may feel like new content messes with the equilibrium of the game. Supercell's solution is to only make new content available to loyal players, and bring new players in more gradually before throwing everything into their boat. "A player coming into Clash of Clans won't see certain functionality for the first two weeks," explains Louhento, "and then once they are familiar with the controls, then you can complicate the game a bit, by adding pieces to it." "We try not to mess around with the very beginning of the game, because we know it works," he adds. Adding new content must conform with the game's balance between casual and hardcore too. "We're aware of the fact that we can't make it too complex, yet it has to have that hidden depth," Louhento notes. "From the outside it looks relatively simple, but it has that hidden depth." And when it comes to keeping a complex game like Clash of Clans balanced, Supercell has a system in place that makes sure any new content doesn't screw around with the inner workings. An automated testing simulation runs thousands of battles one after the other, throwing in randomly sized armies with different soldier types each time, and then correlates the data to see whether they're an obvious area in which the game can become skewed.

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We featured some Clash of Clans videos last month that showcased one of the best Town Hall level 8 defense layouts, although this is one from hundreds found in both video reviews and websites built just for users hunting the best Clash of Clans layout. You can see another defense clip below with a Town Hall level 5 Clash of Clans base layout and this has had over 130,000 views on YouTube. Weve also featured a second video with more than 210,000 http://www.clash-of-clans-hack.nl views, also looking at Town Hall level 5, and this again reveals how popular these strategy videos are with players. Fulfilling the need you can see a collection of videos on this YouTube user page with a different Clash of Clans layout for Town Hall levels 5-7, although a more complete strategy can be found on dedicated websites targeting those who play this mobile game. Clash of Clans Tools is one such website that aims to offer a quick way to find layouts for a certain level or strategy. This page has a couple of drop down menus listing each Townhall level 1 to 10, and then also giving you the option to pick a layout by type like War, Hybrid, Farming, and Trophy. The linked page will show the latest layouts uploaded, so at this time they include Town Hall level 5, 6, 7, and 9 with a range of strategies. Do you play the Clash of Clans game on Android or iOS and if so, how do you like to build?

Original Article Here: http://www.product-reviews.net/2014/06/24/clash-of-clans-layout-hunted-by-town-hall-level/

clash of clans 3.jpg Though it has been released just in August 2012 within no time it has become very much popular worldwide as one of the best massive multiplayer online game with lot of positive reviews and game rankings online. The game is about building your community, training your troops and also attacking the opponent players to earn elixir and gold to build defenses and also save the troop from opponent attacks. By crossing each level the score increases and by acquiring enough gems in the game you can use them to further enhance your gaming skills like speeding up every aspect of the game whether constructing the buildings, training the troops or doing research in the labs as part of the game. However, the point is it is not easy to score points or earn gems and at the most exciting part of the game you may actually be depleted by gold or gems which is very much disappointing for the player. You sure feel frustrated when running out resources at key point in the game and you have to either use your credit card or build the resources which is surely a time taking process. But now you can just download the clash of clans hack tool online to get your hands on unlimited amounts of elixir, gold or gems and progress in your game without any hitches. Though there some hacking tools available online it is important that you check out for this clash of clans tool from reliable sources which is compatible with different platforms like iOS, android or Mac so that you may also not need any other clash of clan hack cydia for jail breaking or rooting any phones. The clash of clans hack tool can be easily downloaded from online reliable sources that have come up with the API drifting system that makes the software work faster and better to get unlimited gold, elixir or gems in your game. You also need not give any personal details to download this clash of clans hack tool which is simple to install and compatible to your gaming platform.

Original Article Here: http://www.pressbox.co.uk/Computing/Download_Clash_of_Clans_Hack_Tool_from_Reliable_Sources_1499693.html

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