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June's Top Games Consist Of Subway Surfers, Twodots, Candy Crush Saga And Clash Of Clans

If you havent tried it out yet, give it a go. Download Candy Crush Saga on Android Devices Temple Run 2 Temple Run 2well, whats there to say, this game literally shattered records and became viral so fast following the original Temple Run title. Temple Run 2 brings a very simple game play to the table. You have to run and collect coins, while dodging all sorts of obstacles. The App-Store and Play-Store include a Temple Run 2 free download, and while the game does have some pay-walls and microtransactions, you http://www.clash-of-clans-hack.nl can enjoy it without ever spending a dime. Breaking that record has never been such an addictive and fun challenge. Download Temple Run 2 on Android Devices Clash of Clans Clash of Clans has been leading the top 5 for quite some time now, it is a very addictive game and provides hours of endless entertainment. The game is based upon creating your own city and army and attacking other cities in hopes to gather resources. The game also has raids which if you have ever played an MMO such as World of Warcraft, this feature may seem quite appealing to you as a mobile game.

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Clash of Clans Strategy Guide - Tapscape

IMG 1089 1024x576 Clash of Clans Strategy Guide You win by 1) destroying >50% of the enemy base, or 2) destroying the town hall. You can win a battle without destroying the town hall as long as you reach 50% total damage. The more damage you can do, the more trophies you will win. The first step in your Clash of Clans attack strategy is troop selection choosing the right units is essential to success in multiplayer battles. The most important thing to remember is that each troop type has a preference for the types of buildings that it will attack. Wallbreakers go for walls, Giants for defenses, Goblins for gold and elixir while Barbarians, Archers and Wizards will attack whatever is closest to them. One of the most effective troop combinations involves Wallbreakers, Giants, Archers and Goblins (+/- Wizards). Start out by dropping a single giant to distract the enemys defenses and then immediately drop 2-3 Wallbreakers (depending on the level of the walls youre up against).

Original Article Here: http://www.tapscape.com/clash-of-clans-strategy-guide/

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