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Clash Of Clans Strategy Guide - Tapscape

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know | HEAVY

Clash of Clans Tips Remember that not all bases are created equally, with certain defensive arrangements (such as extensive partitioning) much more effective than others. When searching for a base to attack, just keep hitting the next button until you find a base a decent with a decent proportion of undefended, or poorly defended structures. This is important, as when youre playing for trophies you want to either take down the town hall as fast as possible, or get to 50% total damage before your army is wiped out. Clash of Clans Defense Strategy Whether you want to protect your gold and elixir, or prevent someone stealing your trophies, a good defensive strategy is critical in Clash of Clans. The first thing to be mindful of when planning your base is to ensure that you havecentralizedyour town hall and mortars. If your town hall is destroyed, you may not lose many resources, but you will lose the match. Your mortars are your most important defensive structure. They deal a huge amount of splash damage, and have a very wide radius of attack. If you lose your mortars, theres a good chance the rest of your base will fall. Always wall off your mortars separately from other buildings, or ensure that there are at least two layers of walls that must be breached before the enemy can reach them.

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clash-of-clans-tips Now though, we switch our attention to more positive Clash of Clans news, with a welcome tip from developers Supercell. Sensing that numbers of hacks may be growing, the developer moved to assure legit gamers that there are still plenty of ways to obtain Clash of Clans free gems by normal means. The developer has posted some simple, but effective tips to remind you how to get free gems in the game which will help you to upgrade your resources in the fastest way without grinding. We have outlined these for you below, which were posted on the official Clash of Clans support website. The most obvious way is to complete achievements, but perhaps the method that many players forget is finding many hidden gems inside rocks and trees as well remembering that they grow back after a certain period. If you are good enough, you can also claim free Clash of Clans gems by being one of the top ranked players in the game which is possible by joining a good clan. Arguably the most rewarding and exciting way though is to wait for the precious Clash of Clans gem box that will appear in your village although this can take some time. In your opinion, what has been the best way of getting free gems from your experience? You can add us to your circle on Google+ , follow us on Twitter , join the photo community on Pinterest , or like our Facebook page to keep updated on all the latest news.

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IMG 1089 1024x576 Clash of Clans Strategy Guide Defend Your Base With A Bunch of Walls - Once you start the game, youll have access to wooden walls. These walls come in at a pretty low level (level one), which means theyre not worth much when high-level barbarians come barging into your base. - Try to upgrade these wooden walls to level three as fast as possible (attain for level four or five if you can, too). These walls will end up being your strongest defense, so make sure you purchase all the available walls within your level. Place these walls all around your base so that no opening pathways are available for entry. - Let those attackers break down your walls and struggle; dont let them ease on in without much trouble because you mistakenly left a lane open. 3. The Low Level Trophy Farming Solution The Clash of Clans Help Blogspot page posted this low level trophy farming solution for anyones whos interested: One of the easiest and laziest ways of farming in clash of clans is by lowering your trophies to under 200 and farming with goblins. The match-making system in clash of clans uses your amount of trophies to find an enemy.

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